Stalwart Contracting, LLC currently  offers turn-key construction management as well as construction  consultation services for the commercial ground-up and finish-out markets in the greater San Antonio area.

General Contractor:

Comprehensive project management and guidance package from start-up to completion.

Working as a General Contractor, Stalwart Contracting, LLC  takes a client’s conceptual vision for a project and turns it into a  reality.  At the very beginning of a project, we offer constructive  guidance and assistance while working with a client and the design  team.  We strive to identify and resolve any potential construction  issues as well as locate any potential cost-savings in a project prior  to even breaking dirt. We are a proactive commercial general contractor.

Once the initial design phase of a project is complete, you can be assured that Stalwart Contracting, LLC  will diligently manage the project from start to finish.  Among other  things, all permitting, inspections, daily project management,  close-out, and certification of occupancy will be closely monitored and  carried out by Stalwart Contracting, LLC.  We will ensure that the work progresses efficiently, within the  established time-frame and budget, and with the utmost attention to our  high standards of quality.

Construction Consulting:

Serving as a third party project manager between the client and the design team in all day-to-day operations.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, coordination and  maintaining a smooth flow of oral and written communication among all  involved parties. Stalwart will assist in the design process by  generating plans and by creating conceptual rendering drawings.

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"Stalwart" – Definition  

  1. Marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind and spirit 
  2. Loyal, reliable, and hardworking 
  3. Firmly built