STALWART CONTRACTING, LLC currently offers turn-key construction management as well as construction consultation services for the commercial ground-up and finish-out markets in the greater San Antonio area. 

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Comprehensive project management and guidance package from start-up to completion.

Working as a General Contractor, STALWART CONTRACTING, LLC takes a client’s conceptual vision for a project and turns it into a reality.  At the very beginning of a project, we offer constructive guidance and assistance while working with a client and the design team.  We strive to identify and resolve any potential construction issues as well as locate any potential cost-savings in a project prior to even breaking dirt. We are a proactive commercial general contractor.

Once the initial design phase of a project is complete, you can be assured that STALWART CONTRACTING, LLC will diligently manage the project from start to finish.  Among other things, all permitting, inspections, daily project management, close-out, and certification of occupancy will be closely monitored and carried out by STALWART CONTRACTING, LLC. We will ensure that the work progresses efficiently, within the established time-frame and budget, and with the utmost attention to our high standards of quality.


consultingCONSTRUCTION CONSULTING: Serving as a third party project manager between the client and the design team in all day-to-day operations.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, coordination and maintaining a smooth flow of oral and written communication among all involved parties. Stalwart will assist in the design process by generating plans and by creating conceptual rendering drawings.



“Stalwart stands behind their work and, in my opinion, their intention is to build long term relationships with their clients by ensuring quality and integrity”
– Connie Raub, Investment Realty Company

“We have very much enjoyed the Stalwart experience. They are truly a dependable source who cares about their customer.”
– Justin Little, JL Resources, LLC.

“If you want good quality work from very honest and trustworthy people, I highly recommend Stalwart Contracting for your construction needs.”
– Leo and Veronica, Owners, Anytime Fitness

” I would like to thank you for an outstanding job on the renovation. We will surely recommend you for future projects.”
– Craig, Vice President of Keller Williams Branch

“Good attention to detail. I was very impressed with the looks of the space. Far better than what I have seen lately.”
– Lee, Milam Real Estate Capital, LLC.

“Stalwart”  – Definition

1) Marked by outstanding strength and vigor of body, mind and spirit
2) Loyal, reliable, and hardworking
3) Firmly built